The following individuals were very helpful to me regarding my development as a musician, sound engineer, song writer, producer and decent human being. The list will continue to grow...Even though some of the individuals listed below I have never met in person, I really appreciate the knowledge, expertise and advice I received from each one of them. I am sure I may have missed someone and the list is not in any particular order except God is first, wife is second. We really do not do much on our own, but achieve success through the influence of others. I have been very blessed to be around so many great people. Thank you...!

  • GOD

  • Angela Harenberg

  • My Dad (Don Harenberg)

  • Alexandra Harenberg

  • Jamie Abersold

  • Rick Beato 

  • Warren Huart (Produce Like a Pro)

  • Nick Homes (Jazz Duets)

  • David Walliman

  • Jay Luis

  • Bob Reynolds

  • Graham Cochrane (recording revolution)

  • Andrew Scheps

  • Harold Ashenfelter

  • Marv Wiseman

  • John Floyd

  • Michael Brecker

  • Stanley Turrentine

  • Jimmy Foster

  • Johnny Lytle

  • John Coltrane

  • Jimi Hendrix

  • Joe Farrell

  • Chic Corea

  • Miles Davis

  • Maynard Ferguson

  • Brad Six

  • Glenn Anderson

  • O.J. Oboyade

  • Bud Leath

  • Karlan Parsley

  • John Floyd

  • Bill Moore

  • Dick Akinson

  • Bob Kinder