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Cover art and design by Alexandra Harenberg

Melodic Caravan Album Notes

If you dig the saxophone sound, you will enjoy Jacque's fresh original music and arrangements. Smooth Jazz, Funky Dance Grooves, World Music, Instrumentals and a couple of vocal performances by Alexandra Harenberg are infused into this unique and original music project. Jacque plays all of the instruments on this album including his Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone. The Trumpets, Trombones, Bari, Alto and Soprano sax sounds were created using a Akai EWI5000 electronic wind instrument, and some of the piano, bass, guitar and synth sounds also. The drums and percussion were also programmed and played by Jacque. Unless otherwise noted, all of the bass guitar and acoustic piano parts were created using a Yamaha-Motif XS. All songs were composed, recorded, mixed and mastered at the Jacohla Music Studio located in central Ohio. Special thanks to the following musical guests including: bassist Jay Luis for his bass lines on "A Walk in the Country" and also his bass solo on "Hang Loose." Keyboardist Jeff Davis for his Clavinet and Hammond Organ solos on "Funky Syncopations" and "Hang Loose." Female vocalist Alexandra Harenberg sings the lead on "Funky Syncopation" and a performs a captivating rendition of Benoit Jutras's "Propel." You can reach out to Saxophonist Jacque Lamont Harenberg by emailing

Musical Density

by Jay D. Luis & Jacque Harenberg

© Copyright - Jay D. Luis & Jacque Harenberg / Crystal Records (194171089602)

A fusion of smooth jazz, flamenco, blues, progressive rock, funk and world music.

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Album Notes

Midwest bassist, guitarist, session artist and performer Jay D Luis joins forces with legendary funk and jazz sax player Jacque Harenberg to create “Musical Density.” For two musicians, Jay and Jacque create a lot of music in this 3-song CD, weaving a wide range of world music, genres, rhythms and melodies. You're in store for a real treat.

Guitars: Jay D Luis on 4- and 5-string fretted and fretless basses, 6-string acoustic guitars.
Saxophone and Synth Wind Instruments: Jacque Harenberg
Drum Programming: Jacque Harenberg
CD Title: Musical Density
Composed and Arranged by Jay D Luis in collaboration with Jacque Harenberg
Produced by Jacque Harenberg. Co-Produced by Jay D Luis.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Jacohla Music.